Training Camp Preview

Training Camp Preview
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Training camp is finally upon us which means we are a little over a month away from football. In even more important news we are one month away from Tua being placed on IR again!

New York Jets

The Jets have had a great last month newsworthy wise. Zach Wilson has made quite a name for himself among the soccer mom population which means training camp practices will be sold out. The Jets had a very solid offseason as they upgraded in a lot of key positions and should at the very least win more games than last year. The biggest thing to watch this training camp will be how the offense looks and if Wilson has taken that next step. Also will like to see how the Wilson to Wilson combo looks and see if the Jets made the big mistake of drafting the wrong Ohio State WR like they did almost ten years ago.

New England Patriots

The Patriots have lost a lot this offseason with their offensive coaching staff mostly heading to the Raiders and their best defender heading to LA to avoid getting burnt by Stefon Diggs. The interesting thing will be who actually takes control on the coaching staff as BB seems to hate naming coordinators for some very strange reason. Who will call plays on offense will be very key in Mac Jones second year as will he take the next step or will we see more of last year which only works with a great defense which the Patriots may or may not have.

Miami Dolphins

The Dolphins made quite the splash this offseason trading for more expensive Jaylen Waddle. The Dolphins offense should be way better this year with some investments in the offensive line and a Head Coach who isn’t actively trying to sabotage his quarterback. Seeing how Tua looks in this Shanny offense will be important and see if the offense attacks all parts of the field or will Tua look like lefty Jimmy G. Also it will be interesting to see how they use Mike Gesicki who might be their best player and definitely deserves at least ten targets a game. Will they use him as a split end like they have or will they try to make him a blocker which he is not. If Gesicki doesn’t average at least 15 points a week this year the Fins might as well clean house.

Josh Allen

The Buffalo Bills started training camp early and so far it looks like they are on the fast track to beat the Carolina Panthers in the Super Bowl. Josh Allen looks like he will be the MVP frontrunner and Von Miller looks like he hasn’t had a random drug test this offseason. The thing to watch this training camp will be how the defense looks with Tre White coming back from injury. The defense let them down last year when it mattered and with a top 3 guy at QB, you can’t be having a defense forget there is 13 seconds left on the lock. If the defense looks lights out, the Bills should have no trouble in the AFC Least and eventually the AFC.

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