TSR Summer Header Images: Ranked

TSR Summer Header Images: Ranked
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This one comes in last because it looks photoshopped, but if Josh Allen really wore those glasses then
it moves him up the rankings. Also that helmet doesn’t look approved or ready to take NFL hits. Very
immature look from the young man here.



In 2nd we have this pass where the ball is still in orbit. Tough to say if this was a home game or at the
Patriots judging by the pixelated background, but either way it’s safe to assume the Bills won the game.
Needs to be more careful of the armband play sheet, Belichick definitely has digital analysts decrypting
the image to get the plays.



Players in visors are always going to be the best. Gives off an illusion that the player strikes fear in his
opponents. No shoulder pads is also bold, the man’s not afraid to take a hit. The jersey does not look
NFL approved so this will likely warrant a longer suspension from Goodell than whatever Watson gets.

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