Vinny’s Weekly Overreactions: Week 14

Vinny’s Weekly Overreactions: Week 14
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2021 Week 14 Overreactions

Well, that does it for byes in the AFC East this season. The Pats and Fins got the chance to rest their weary legs and watch the rest of the competition crumble around them. The result was less than pretty, our division’s first winless week.
Here we go.
Last place goes to the Jets. The Jets just plain stink, they’ve now placed most of their promising players on IR and have informed the league that they will be wearing white for the rest of the season, signaling to their opponents that they surrender. The only player that some folks might have some interest in seeing that is not on IR would be young Zach Wilson. The kid with the overlarge hair and cell phone finally made it through an NFL contest without throwing an interception, so I guess that’s progress. He still looks jittery and erratic when he drops back to pass- somewhat understandable since Joe Douglas thought an antique picket fence was adequate defense against an NFL pass rush- and he reads defenses at a 1st grade level, but hey, every once in a while, he does something flashy. Which is really all the people of New Jersey and Long Island want out of life.
Second to last, the Bills. Oh, what promise this Bills team once had. Just 11 short months ago, they dismantled the broken Patriots and were destined to be division champs for the next ten years and win no less than 12 Super Bowl titles in that time. Then reality set in, the Bills and their fans learned that it’s not so easy to stay on top. They built their team with one goal in mind, beating the Chiefs, all the while forgetting that the rest of the league now knows who they are and also that that coach down in Foxboro is pretty good. Well, just six short days after being humiliated by said coach on their own home field, they had to travel south to visit the defending champions and their pretty boy QB that has dominated the Bills more thoroughly than any other QB has dominated any other team in NFL history. And the first half looked as if the Bills had given up on their season. The crowd was too much for them, Josh Allen was making very Josh Allen plays throwing the ball directly to defenders, and the OC continued his refusal to run the ball. But the Bills seemed to be playing coy, just wanting to get in such a hole that the fans stopped being loud and everyone else stopped paying attention. And just when they had the Bucs right where they wanted them, they struck. The Bills showed quite a bit of heart in the 4 th quarter, forcing overtime. Then as per usual, Tom Brady came in the game after Josh Allen went 3 and out and ripped the hearts out of the Bills and their fans.
Fins in second place after their bye.
Pats sit in first place in not only the division, but also the entire AFC. What a time to be alive.

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