Week 14 QB Report

Week 14 QB Report
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AFC East QB Grades

Josh Allen: What can you really say about this guy? The only reason he’s not getting an A+ today is that INT should have just been launched into the sideline. 66% completions, 308 yards passing, two passing TDs, 109 yards rushing, and a rushing TD. The man is just incredible and it’s truly depressing that we’re watching such a superb QB leave it all on the field week in and week out while the rest of the team is just kind of there. The offensive line is putrid and he still puts up good numbers. Receivers dropping balls left and right and he’s still balling. The dude was one awful no-call on DPI in the end zone from coming back from 24-3 to winning the game in regulation. But you really have to be flawless to beat the Brady Eight.


Zach Wilson: I should take a page out of Vinny’s book and say that Zach Wilson will never lead the Jets to a Super Bowl (and let’s be honest, he won’t, but that’s more on the Jets organization than it is on him). And, while he looked awful yesterday, the talent is there. His main problems seem to be reading defenses and making the right call, plus occasionally shorting balls into the dirt. But on the plus side, he managed to play an entire game without throwing an INT for the first time in his career. So he has that going for him. Which is nice.


Mac Jones took a deserved week off after his Offensive-Rookie-of-the-Year-cementing performance in Buffalo last week. I guess when your arm is that noodle-y, you need to rest after throwing three passes. Meanwhile, Tua spent his week off hanging out with his mom.

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