Week 2 blunder


Week 2 blunder
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Give credit where credit is due, Jacksonville played a better game and showed more guts and urgency than the Miami Dolphins. With that said, there’s no possible way the Fins should of lost yesterday afternoon.


Offensive line

Why do this coaching staff and player personal insist Dallas Thomas is a NFL player? Line play yesterday was atrocious and couldn’t establish any push for the run game. Pass blocking got worse and worse once the offense became one dimensional. Not sure how to feel about Brandon Albert but seems we may need to think life after Albert on LT. Again it’s been a decade of disarray and this offensive line is a joke. This unit needs to figure it out and fast as the mighty Bills d-line is coming to town in 6 days. Why uh why is Dallas Thomas on this team!!!!!


Running Backs

It’s a two way street but this game I have to say 70% is the lack of running lane the o-line didn’t provide and 30% running backs. Not good when Lamar Miller was limping around after the game so need to keep an eye on that this week. Hard to judge this unit when line play was so bad. Damian Williams and Miller time should expect the same next week (brace themselves)


Receiving Unit

Overall great game with some key drops at the end of the game. As the strength of the team, this unit should put up big numbers as Tannehill improves. Still scratching my head on Kenny Stills?? Why trade for him when Rashard Matthews is balling. Could have traded for a guard see above. With Tannehill improving and getting better I don’t see how this unit doesn’t get better as well but it all starts with the battle of the trenches (see above)



THIS UNIT IS OVERRATED and isn’t elite. So as I eat crow while I was tooting how great the d-line would be this side of the ball needs to figure it out ASAP. Suh and co have to rethink game plan or have some coming to Jesus meeting and get it right. Schedule will only get harder and competition will get better. Running defense same song and dance and that’s a problem. Next week the Fins defense better bring it or we’re doomed for another long day.


Special Team

Not much to say other than the missed FG before the half.



The battle of the trenches need to improve or else it’s going to be the same old thing. I hope it upcoming day’s coaches and players get together and figure something out and get after it.


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