Top Wide Receiver Choices for the Bills

Top Wide Receiver Choices for the Bills
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The Bills are looking at an upgrade in their WR corps. Right now they lack a big body WR and a do-it-all guy who can take it to the house at any moment. Here are  some choices the Bills can look at in the 1st round to address one of those needs.

The Do it all Guys

1)      Sammy Watkins from Clemson

Watkins is the consensus #1 WR in this class and for good reason. He is about 6’1 210 pounds but plays like a guy who is 6’4. At the Combine he can an official 4.43 (unofficial went as high as 4.34). He also dominated the drills and looks like a guy who can do it all. Watkins can take a screen to the house as well as burning a DB deep on a go route. He has a big catch radius and there are numerous times I have seen him jump over a DB and win a jump ball. The only problem for him is he struggles against press coverage and might get shut down by the more physical DBs.  Plus he went to Clemson (yuck).

He is perfect for the Bills as he is the perfect weapon of EJ Manuel. Watkins would give Manuel a safety blanket who has a potential to turn an off-target pass into a big gain. Plus he would give the Bills another deep threat that can take advantage of Manuel’s arm and along with Goodwin would make defenses have to play the whole field, opening up the short stuff for everyone else. Watkins might be there at #9 but I doubt it.

2)      Odell Beckham Jr from LSU

Beckham was my favorite WR from the Combine. He stands at about 6’ 200 pounds but just like Watkins he plays like a guy who is 6’4. In the 40 he ran an official 4.43 (unofficial went as high as 4.31). Beckham has legit speed and like Watkins is a do-it-all kind of guy. Beckham broke the LSU all-purpose record this year and returned a missed FG to the house against UAB  (take that Chris Davis).  Beckham looks like a lesser version of Watkins but he can be just as explosive. If the Bills want him they can trade back from #9 and still get him. They should because he is the type of guy who can make things happen with the ball in his hands.

The Big Guys

1)      Mike Evans from Texas A&M

Of the Big WRs in this class, Evans is the top. He stands at around 6’5 and weighs 231 pounds. In the Combine he ran a 4.53 and is impressive for a guy that size. He would be the big WR that the Bills have wanted for years and has the ability to start right away. The concern for him is how much of his success was a product of Johnny Manziel extending plays. It is hard to say where Evans will land, as he could be anywhere. More than likely Evans would fall to #10 to the Lions at the latest. If the Bills are serious about taking him, they can’t trade back. I would avoid him as I don’t think he can get separation in the NFL, but if the Bills want to give Manuel a big target, he would be the #1 choice.

2)      Kelvin Benjamin from Florida State

Benjamin is the definition of a physical freak. When he gets the ball, he is unstoppable. He stands at 6’5 240 and only has 4% body fat. In the Combine he ran a 4.6 (unofficial as high a 4.51) which is still impressive for someone his size.. He is very raw as a receiver and inconsistencies plagued him while at FSU. However the Bills have something that every other team doesn’t: A QB who threw to him for 2 years while at FSU, an inside scout. EJ Manuel gives the Bills someone with inside information on Benjamin, something no other team can say.  If the Bills want him they can more than likely trade back in the 1st but I highly doubt he falls to the 2nd round. Right now he is a step behind Mike Evans but the upside is far greater. He would be my choice as he would be a greater value than Evans as he would come with extra picks (similar to the trade back last year). Also he and Manuel would already have a connection which means there would be no awkward early period trying to get timing right.



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